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Chris developed an interest in horses at an early age. He participated in 4-H as a youth and competed on his county's 4-H horsebowl, hippology and judging teams. It was through his involvement with 4-H that he developed an interest in web design. In 2012, he attend the 4-H National Engineering Challenge in Lafayette, Indiana, where he place first in the computer division. Chris is currently attending The Ohio State University where he is majoring in Computer Science.

About Us


Welcome to PonyZine, the on-line magazine for horse lovers. It is our goal to bring quality writing about timely topics to the general equestrian population. We hope you enjoy our magazine!

Chris Miller is our Webmaster.

Laura Miller is our publisher, editor and writer.

An avid horse enthusiast, Laura's dream of owning a horse became a reality when she was a teenager. Her fondest memories are riding the trails and participating in horse shows with her friends. Her passion for horses eventually led her to a career as a freelance writer and photographer. She had over 200 published articles, short stories and photographs in traditional magazines before launching PonyZine in 2012. 

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